Aroj Ali Matubbar
Aroj Ali Matubbar ( Aroj Ali was his original name and ‘Matubbar’ was taken by him) a self-taught philosopher and apostate, and communist politician of Bangladesh, born in a poor farming family in the village Lamchori in Charbaria union, about 11 k.m. from Barisal town. He could not attend in any school due to his poverty, just studied for only a few months at the village maqtab. He gathered most of his knowledge on varied subjects through his own efforts. As Aroj Ali expanded his knowledge he started propagating his ideas of his understandings of his religion, philosophy, knowledge and truth and on many aspects of social problems. Shotter Shondhaney , Sristir Rahasya, Anuman, Muktaman etc are his well known writings. Aroj Ali Matubbar is often criticized as an anti-Islamic activist. He died on 15 March 1985 in Barisal, Bangladesh. He donated his body for dissection to the medical students. After his death in 1985, Aroj Ali Matubbar came to be regarded as one of the most brilliant rationalists and prolific thinker that rural Bangladesh ever produced.
You can download below  Aroj Ali Matubbar books in pdf from here 
  • Shotter Shondhaney   
  • Sristir Rahasya  
  • Anuman 
  • Muktaman 

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