For the generation of Bangladeshis born after the liberation war of 1971, the war remains an enigma. If one were to study in one of the three streams of education that are currently prevalent in the country, you would hardly be taught anything about our glorious history in English mediums or madrassahs, while the text available in the mainstream Bengali mediums are also inadequate, mostly coloured by the interpretations of the political party in power. The literature and art available, though copious in quantity, mostly deals in anecdotal stories or hero-worship, while the non-fiction books and articles are mostly self-glorifying fables. But it is our duty to know about liberation war and how we became independent. We think below books can help you to know about 71.

You can download Bangla books & novels based on liberation war 71 from here.

  1. Jonsa O Jononir Golpo by Humayun Ahmed  
  2. Rashed, My Friend By Md. Jafar Iqbal  
  3. Muktijuddher Itihash By Md. Jafar Iqbal 
  4. Muktijuddho Ekattor – Punished war criminals under Dalal law   
  5. Ami Birangona Bolsi by Nilima Ibrahim
  6. Muldhara 71 by Maidul Hasan
  7. 1971 by Humayun Ahmed 
  8. Phire Dekha 71 – Liberation War eBook
  9. Jochona O Jononir Golpo by Humayun Ahmed
  10. Ekattorer Dinguli by Jahanara Imam
  11. The Rape of Bangladesh by Anthony Mascarenhas
  12. Ekattorer Cithi
  13. Amar Bandhu Rashed by Jafar Iqbal
  14. Maa by Anisul Haque
  15. The Vanquished Generals and The Liberation War of Bangladesh  
  16. 195 Pakistan’s war criminal by Sayeed Ahmed  
  17. Muktijudde Sylheter Vumika
  18. Speech of 7th Mach by Tapon Kumer Dey 
  19.  Speech of Tajuddin Ahmed 
  20. International Newspaper Report on 1971 (In Bangla)
  21. Tormenting 71  
  22. Rajakarder talika
  23. Shamol Chaya
  24. Bangladesher Obbhudoy :Juddhaporadh O Gonohottya

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