Sahih Al-Bukhari generally regarded as one of the six canonical hadith collections of Islam and the single most authentic collection of hadith, which covers almost all aspects of life in providing proper guidance from the messenger of Allah. This 10-Volume Bukhari is the work of over 16 years by Imam Bukhari. The number of hadith in his book, the Sahih, is seven thousand, two hundred and seventy five hadith including hadith occurring repeatedly. It has been said that this number excluding repeated hadith is four thousand.
In Imam Bukhari’s ‘Al-Jami-al-Sahih’ (Sahih Al Bukhari) the Imam had recorded all the Sayings of the Prophet which he found to be genuine after thorough examination and scrutiny. He spent sixteen years in research and examined more than sixty thousand Sayings from which he selected only sayings whose genuineness and accuracy he established beyond the slightest doubt.

Complete Sahih Bukhari is given to you in bangla here.

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