Shuvro  is popular fictional character created by popular Bengali novelist Humayun Ahmed. He is the only son of a rich family. Shuvro ‘s father is a big business man and his mother is house wife who care him very much. Shuvro is a university student and love to read. He can not see with out his high power lens. For this reason Shuvro s friends called him Kanababa. By the excellent writing of Humayun ahmed Shuvro seems to be a live person in our crowded city.

You can download  Shuvro books collection by Humayun Ahmed in pdf from here

    • Shuvro  by Humayun Ahmed Novel
    • Daruchini Dip by Humayun Ahmed                          Novel
    • Megher Chaya                Novel
    • Shuvro Geche Bone by Humayun Ahmed
    •  Rupali Dip By Humayun Ahmed
    • Ei Shuvro! Ei

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