Purnendu Patri

Purnendu Patri was born in 2 February 1933 in Howrah in West Bengal. He was the son of Pulinbihari Patri and Nirmola Debi.In 1949 he admitted Indian art collage as a student of commercial art but he could not complete his study.He was a active member of Communist Party. In 1951 his first poetry book Ek Muttho Rode was published. Shobder Bichhana,Tumi Eley Shurjodoy Hoy, ami e Kotch ami e Debojani,Kathopokathan are his popular poetry books.He has wrote some books on kolkata.He is not only a writer also known as an illustrator and film maker. Streer Patra is considered his best film.Chhera Tamsuk,Malancha,Pata Chitra are his well known film.He was honoured for his contribution in Cinema and literature.He was died in 19th march 1997.

Download below Books by Purnendu Patri from here

  • Kathopokathan  by Purnendu Patri

  • You can read some poems of Purnendu Patri in Bangla here

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