Bimal Mitra

Bimal Mitra was born in 1912. He had served in railways in Bilaspur for long years. He is well known throughout Indian subcontinent as a popular and widely read novelist through translations. Saheb Bibi Golam (King, Queen and Knave),Kori Diye Kinlaam (Bought With Money),Begum Mary Bishwas (A Historical Novel of the Period of Nawab Siraujdalla / British Lord Clive),Ekak Dasak Shatak (Uni Deci Centi),Asami Hazir (At Your Service) etc are his well known novels. One of his most popular works, Shaheb Bibi Golam,  which was adapted into a hugely popular movie. He enjoyed tremendous popularity among the readers along with rewards like Rabindra Puraskar, Sarat Smriti puraskar, Banaphool Sahitya Puraskar etc. He died in 1991.

Download below Books by Bimal Mitra from here

  • Asami Hazir by Bimal Mitra

  • Kori Die Kinlam 1 by Bimal Mitra
  • Kori Die Kinlam 2 by Bimal Mitra

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