Syed Waliullah

Syed Waliullah was born in Chittagong in 1922. He Completed his intermediate education from Dhaka Intermediate College, got his BA from Kolkata University.

Syed Waliullah is often considered the pioneer of existential analysis of the characters psyche in the literature of Bangladesh. He is popular for his novels Lalsalu (Tree without roots),Chander Amaboshay (Dark moon),Kando Nadi Kando (Cry, o river).The last two of his three novels, specially Kando Nadi Kando, show his mastery in revealing the inner depths of his characters.

However, his most famous work remains Lalsalu, some would argue because of its relative simplicity.Lalsalu was recently filmed by Tanvir Mokammel. Syed Waliullah was awarded with the Bangla Academy and Adamji Awards in 1961 and 1965 respectively.He died in 1971.

Download below Books by Syed Waliullah from here

  • Lalsalu by Syed Waliullah

  • Nayanchara by Syed Waliullah

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