Some years ago you would hardly find  mathematics books in bangla. But after starting the math olympiad in 2005 in Bangladesh, the scenario has changed. Now a days students often search for math books for their practice.  Md Jafar Ikbal was one of the leader to start math Olympiad in Bangladesh. By feeling of shortage of math books in bangla he has wrote some books on math and science. These books are easy to understand and well explained.

Math Olympiad books below by Md Jafar Iqbal can download from here.

  • Dekha Alor Na Dekha Rup  (1986)
  • Neurone Onuronon  (with Mohammad Kaykobad)(2002)
  • Neurone Abaro Onuronon with Mohammad Kaykobad)(2003)
  • Gonit Abong Aro Gonit (with Zakaria Swapan)
  • Bigganer Eksho Mojar Khela
  • Goniter Moja, Mojar Gonit
  • Aktukhani Bigyan  (2007)
  • Theory Of Relativity  (2008)
  • Quantum Mechanics (2009)
  • Aro Aktukhani Bigyan
  • bigyan o gonit shomogro (2011)

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