Misir Ali   is a very popular fictional detective (of sorts), the protagonist in a series of novels by leading Bangladeshi author and playwright, Humayun Ahmed. Misir Ali is a simple person, who believes that there is a rational explanation behind everything. He would never believe in the supernatural, and neither would he try to explain them. He believes that there is human way of doing things and that miracles just don’t happen but we make them happen. There are some peculiarities in the way he lives. He lives in a simple house with a servant, unmarried. Whenever he would receive a letter, he would make sure to read it at least thrice so find out more about the author. By profession, he is a lecturer of psychology, but he has earned fame by solving some psychological cases. But strangely, he is reluctant to take up any cases.

Misir Ali Samaggra
Misir Ali Samaggra

In fact, even though he is reluctant, he will still take some hidden interest and the mystery will be unfolded. As the mystery is solved, the readers will often get a plausible explanation of cases. Because logic is always in the centerfold of all his theories. It should be noted that the books have done their best to highlight, which perhaps no other writer in Bengali fiction has attempted, an in-depth psychoanalysis of the human mind. Misir Ali is the most logical of persons. Misir Ali believes that nothing can happen without reason . To him, there is a rational explanation behind everything. Being a professor of a subject that deals with the human mind, he is interested in the way that mind works. And he tries to explain every unusual thing that he confronts with his wisdom and logic. In each book, a new mystery finds Misir Ali, though he is reluctant to take cases. But he will get himself involved in the mystery. As the mystery is solved, the readers will often get a plausible explanation of cases because logic is always the centerpiece of all his theories.

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Download below Books of Misir Ali by Humayun Ahmed from here

  • Devi (দেবী)
  • Nishithini (নিশীথিনী) 
  • Nishad (নিষাদ)
  • Onno Bhuban (অন্য ভুবন) 
  • Brihonnola (বৃহন্নলা) 
  • Bhoy (ভয়) 
  • Bipod (বিপদ) 
  • Onish (অনীশ)
  • Misir Alir Omimangshito Rohoshsho (মিসির আলির অমীমাংসিত রহস্য) 
  • Ami Ebong Amra (আমি এবং আমরা) 
  • Tondrabilash (তন্দ্রাবিলাস) 
  • Amiy Misir Ali (আমিই মিসির আলি) 
  • Bagh-Bondi Misir Ali ( বাঘবন্দি মিসির আলি) 
  • Kohen Kabi Kalidash ( কহেন কবি কালিদাস) 
  • Horton Ishkapon (হরতন ইস্কাপন) 
  • Misir Ali’r Choshma (মিসির আলির চশমা) 
  • Misir Ali! Apni Kothai? (মিসির আলি! আপনি কোথায়?) 
  • Misir Ali Unsolved ( মিসির আলি Unsolved)
  • Nalini Babu B Sc (নলিনী বাবু B.Sc) 
  • Pufi (পুফি )
  • Jokhon Namibe Adhar (যখন নামিবে আঁধার) 

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