Nasreen Jahan

Nasreen Jahan was born in 1966 in Mymensingh. Most of his early life she spent here. She started her literary life by writing rhymes and short stories in the children’s page of daily newspaper. She is married to poet Ashraf Ahmed and they have a daughter.

Nasreen Jahan has known herself as a prominent writer in modern bangla literature. Her writing style is poetic. She loves to deal with psychological approach of human behaviour in her writings. Magic realism is often seen in her writings.

In 1993 her novel Urukku was published, which was critically acclaimed and became a hit. for this novel she got Philips Literary Award in 1994. Now she has been working as the editor of the literature section of weekly Anyadin. Urukku, Chandrer Prothom Kola, Ure Jai Nishipokshi, Baidehi, Sonali Mukhosh,Jakhan Charpasher Batiqulo Nive Ashchhe, Andhare Rongin Rakhal are Nasreen Jahan ‘s well known works.

Download below Books by Nasreen Jahan from here

  • Andhare Rongin Rakhal by Nasreen Jahan

  • Kuashar Fona by Nasreen Jahan


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