Nirmalendu Goon

Nirmalendu Goon was born in 21 june 1945 in Barhatta of Netrokona, Bangladesh.His first book of poetry was published in 1970. Since then Nirmalendu Goon has published forty-five collections of poetry and twenty collections of prose. Part of the generation of poets of 1960s, Goon’s poetry contains stinging criticism of the nouveau riche and a touching description of the contrasting fate of the masses. A love of freedom and faith in the human spirit also permeates many of his poems. An avowed Marxist, Goon has also written poems urging an upheaval of the poor against the rich.

Nirmalendu Goon is lauded by many for his accessible verse in an age where Bangla poetry has become increasingly complex.Dur ha Dursason,Muthophone’r Kabbo,Naa premika, naa biplabi,Naam deachi bhalobasa,Premangsur rakta chai etc are his well known poetry books. He is the recipient of Bangla Academy Award (1982) and Ekushey Padak (2001).

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  • Nirmolendu Gooner kisu kobita

  • You can read a fine collection of poems of Nirmolendu Goon here.

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