Short review on Gora and Chokher Bali

Gora is a story set in the disruptive times when the Bengali society in Kolkata was starkly divided into the traditional orthodox Hindus and the modernized, liberal thinking Brahmos instructed by the Brahma Samaj. Gora, the protagonist, is a strong advocate of Hinduism and practices his religion with high regards, thorough conviction and strict austerity. He is a natural leader with exemplary oratory skills, fair and tall stature and a resonating voice. The story follows very smoothly and all the characters stand with different views about life. Vinaya,Gora,Pareshbabu,Lalitha,Sucharitha and even Waradasundari,and the other elder women in this story got their own story lines with different ways.

The story of Chokher Bali or Grain of Sand revolves around the five characters namely Mahendra, Binodini, Asha, Behari and Rajlakshmi . Bihari is Mahendra’s loyal childhood friend. Binodini is a young widow who is brought back to Calcutta by her mother’s best friend from an obscure village and she quickly befriends the daughter in law. Previously both Mahendra and Bihari refuse Binodini’s hand in wedding even without seeing her. Then things get complicated when Ashalata befriends Binodini – and both Mahendra and Behari get attracted to her – so much so that Mahendra is considering separating from his bride – and Behari separating from his bachelorhood – but both in quandary over the social taboo of marrying a widow – and of the present agitation aimed against the British to quit India.


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