Pramatha Chaudhuri

Pramatha Chaudhuri was born in 7 August 1868 at Haripur Village in Pabna (now in Bangladesh). He was a bright student. He got his MA in English from Kolkata University. After getting first class in MA he moved to England to study Barrister-at-Law. But he did not practice law. He joined as a professor of English. Later he concentrated on his writing. Khayal Khata was the first piece that appeared under the pen name Birbal in a Bengali journal Bharati in 1902. Sabuj Patra, a liberal and pro-Tagore Bengali journal edited by Pramatha Chaudhuri, made its debut in April, 1914. Birbaler Halkhata,Char-Yari Katha, Rayater Katha etc are his well known writings. Pramatha Chaudhuri died in 2 September 1946.

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  • Birbaler Halkhata by Pramatha Chaudhuri

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