Premendra Mitra was born in Varanasi, India. His father was an employee of the Indian Railways and because of that, he had the opportunity of travelling to many places in India. He was a student of South Suburban School (Main) and later at the Scottish Church College in Calcutta. During his initial years, he (unsuccessfully) aspired to be a physician and studied the natural sciences. Later he started out as a school teacher. He even tried to make a career for himself as a businessman, but he was unsuccessful in that venture as well. After trying out the other occupations, in which he met marginal or moderate success, he rediscovered his talents for creativity in writing and eventually became a Bengali language author and poet. He was a Bengali professor at City College in north Calcutta.His work was first published in the Bengali journal called ‘Probasi’ in 1922. His poems were better known for their sharpness and wit. They also expressed empathy for the sufferings of the proletariat. His short stories were well-structured and innovative, and encompassed the diverse to the divergent in urban Indian society. Prothoma, Sagor Theke Fera, Agamikal, Protidhoni Fere,Mohanagar are his well known writing. He died in 1988.

Download below books of Premendra Mitra from here

  • Swapno Sworti Kolpona by Premendra Mitra
  • Porashor Ebar Johuri by Premendra Mitra

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