Uttoradhikar, kalbela and kalpurush are the best books of Samaresh Majumder.

Uttoradhikar is the first part of Animesh (main character of uttoradhikar, kalbela and kalpurush trilogy) life. Samaresh Majumder here introduces the childhood of Animesh in a great manner.

In kalbela writer introduces us with Madobilata, a strong, beautiful, loveable woman. She loves Animesh. This love matter will force you a new horizon of human affection. Kalbela is the story of life of a young man who wants to do something good. But he suffers. Many say kalbela is the best of the trilogy.

Kalpurush is the last part of the trilogy. The main character of this novel is Oarka, who is the only son of Animesh and Madobilata. Oarka means sun. He starts a new system of community life in his slam. He ran it successfully. But at last of the novel he is taken in to jail by politician’s conspiracy.

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