Satinath Vaduri was born in 1906. Jagari, Dhonrai Charita Manas, Chitrogupter Khata are his well known novels. The first novel of Satinath Vaduri “Jagari” is a tale of one night, behind the bars. This novel creates a sensation as soon as it had been published, and the readers were concerned about this new powerful writer came across so suddenly. He also wrote some short stores. Satinath Vaduri died in 1965.

For Downloading below books of Satinath Vaduri please visit here.

  • Satinath Vaduri r Nirbachito Rachona part 1 by Satinath Vaduri
  • Satinath Vaduri r Nirbachito Rachona part 2 by Satinath Vaduri


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