Without doubt we can say Humayun Ahmed is the main architect of modern bangla science fiction. He wrote about 20 sci-fi novels. Fiha is one of  the most attracting science fiction character in Bangla literature created by him. Fiha is a great mathematician, who is the first solver of three dimensional time equation.  

Here is the list of Science fiction written  by Humayun Ahmed:

You can download below  Science fiction books by Humayun Ahmed from here

Fiha Shamikoron By Humayun Ahmed

Tomader Jonno Valobasha By Humayun Ahmed

Tara Tin Jon by Humayun Ahmed

Ononto Nokkhotro Bithi
Ema by Humayun Ahmed
Omega point
Sunno by Humayun Ahmed
Nee by Humayun Ahmed

Ditiyo Manob

Download nearly 170 Books by Humayun Ahmed from here

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