Shamsur Rahman

Shamsur Rahman is indisputably the greatest poet of Bangladesh. He was born in his grandfather’s house 46 no. Mahut-Tuli, Dhaka in October 23, 1929. His paternal home is situated on the bank of the river Meghna, a village named Paratoli, near the Raipura thana of Narshingdi district. He was the fourth of thirteen children. He studied at Pogos High School from where he passed matriculation in 1945. Later he took his I.A. as a student of the Dhaka College. Shamsur Rahman started writing poetry at the age of eighteen, just after graduating from the Dhaka College. He studied English literature at the Dhaka University for three years but did not take the examination. After a break of three years he got admitted to the B.A. pass course and received his B.A. in 1953. He also received his M.A. in the same subject.
Shamsur Rahman has given a new dimension and meaning in Bangla poetry. He has created an ethos which belongs indisputably to him. He has given us a language, which we did not have. It is true he has built on the ground of the 30’s poets, but he has developed the ground, explored into areas they thought too dark for exploration, has added new features to it, landscaped it and in the process left his footprints all over. He had a long career as a journalist and was the Editor of a national daily, Dainik Bangla.

Prothom Gan Ditio Mrittur Age,Roudro Korotite,Biddhosto Nilima,Je Ondho Shundori Kade,Deshodrohi Hote Icchay Kore are his well known poetry books.He has won numerous awards including: Bangla Academy Award (1969),Ekushey Padak (1977) and Swadhinata Award.He died in August 17, 2006 of heart and kidney failure.

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