Shankar or Mani Shankar Mukherjee was born in 7 December 1933 at Banagram Village in Jasore (now in Bangladesh). But he grew up in Howrah district of West Bengal. Shankar’s father died while Shankar was still a teenager, as a result of which Shankar became a clerk to the last British barrister of the Kolkata High Court, Noel Frederick Barwell. Noel Barwell introduced Shankar to literature. Kato ajanare, Jana Aranya, Seemabaddha and Asha akankha etc are his well known writings. His novel Jana Aranya and Seemabaddha are made into films and they were directed by Satyajit Ray .

Download below books of Shankar from here

  • Swargo Morto Patal (Jana Aranya, Seemabaddha and Asha akankha) by Shankar

  • Sohosa by Shankar

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