Shibram Chakraborty

Shibram Chakraborty was born in 13 December 1903 at his maternal uncle’s house in Kolkata, the capital of British India. His father’s name was Shibprashad Chakrabarty.His initial foray into literature was as a poet.

The most famous and recurring characters in his stories are the brothers Harshabardhan and Gobardhan and his sister Bini. Shibram Chakraborty is best known for his humorous stories for adolescents. His best known short stories and novels are renowned for their unique use of pun, alliteration, play of words and ironic humor. He was a prolific author who also wrote poems, plays, non-fiction and novels for mature audiences in his long career.

Shibram Chakraborty ‘s novel Bari Theke Paliye (Running away from Home), which was made into a film by Ritwik Ghatak.Aside of his humar stories his autobiography Ishhor, Prithibi, Bhalobasha (God, Earth, Love) is also regarded as one of his best works.

Most part of Shibram Chakraborty’s life he spent on the second-floor mess room of a bedsit in Muktaram Babu Street in Kolkata. He died in 28 August 1980 in Kolkata.

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