Sukumar Ray

Sukumar Ray was born in a Brahmo family on 30 October 1887 in Calcutta, India. Born in the era of the Bengal Renaissance, he grew up in an well cultured environment. His father Upendrakishore was a great writer.

In 1906, Sukumar Ray graduated with Hons. in Physics and Chemistry from the Presidency College, Kolkata. He was trained in photography and printing technology in England and was a pioneer of photography and lithography in India. When he was a student at Presidency College, he created the home-based Nonsense Club with membership open to those with a flair for the ridiculous, practical joking and, most of all, acting. He married Suprabha Das in 1914. After Upendrakishore died, Sukumar ran the printing and publishing businesses and the Sandesh (children’s magazine) for about eight years.

Abol tabol, pagla dasu, Ha za ba ra la etc are Sukumar Ray‘s well known writings. Abol tabol consists of 43 named and 7 unnamed short rhymes, all are nonsense.pagla dasu is a short story collection, where Dasu is the main character.

In 1921 he was attacked by the bacteria of the then fatal disease of blackwater fever. He could not get cure from it. He wrote his best “Abole Tabole” in his death bed. He died on September 10th, 1923. Till now Sukumar Ray remains one of the most popular of children’s writers in both West Bengal and Bangladesh.

Download below Books by Sukumar Ray from here

  • Sukumar Ray Golpo Somoggro
  • Sukumar Roy Shahittyo Somogro part 1
  • Sukumar Roy Shahittyo Somogro part 2
  •  Sukumar Roy Shahittyo Somogro part 3

  • Sukumar Ray chora somoggro
    Nonsense Poetry
  • Pagla Dashu by Sukumar Roy
  •  Abol Tabol by Sukumar Roy
    Nonsense Poetry

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