Upendrokishore Ray

Upendrokishore Ray (Upendrakishore Raychowdhury )was the first children’s writer in Bengali who created fascinating stories for bangali children. Before him, there was no established form of Bengali children’s literature. He was born on 10 May, 1863 in a little village called Moshua in Mymensingh District in East Bengal, now in Bangladesh.

Upendrokishore Ray  was also a pioneer in half-tone block making. That time illustrations of books were very poor so he started to learn block making. After mastering this, he successfully set up a business of making blocks. In 1913 he founded one of the finest early printing presses in Kolkata.

This press was also the early lifeline of Sandesh, a popular children’s magazine in Bengali that is still published today. This was the magazine where Upendrakishore (and later his son Sukumar and grandson Satyajit) published most of his children’s literature. . Upendrakishore’s greatest contribution was in the field of children’s literature in Bengali.

Upendrokishore Ray s prominent works include the fantasy “Goopy Gayen Bagha Bagha Bayen” (on which Satyajit Ray based his acclaimed children’s movie with the same name). He wrote children’s favorite “Tuntunir Boi”, and rewrote the two Indian epics of Ramayana and Mahabharata to bring them closer to children. The simple language he used for these was in keeping with the tradition of elders telling bedtime stories to children. He spent most of his adult life in Kolkata, where he died on 20 December 1915, aged only fifty-two.

Download below Books by Upendrokishore Ray from here

  • Golpomala by Upendrokishore Ray
  • Tun Tunir golpo by Upendrokishore Ray


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