Zahir Raihan

Zahir Raihan was born in 19 August 1935 in the village named Majupur, now in Feni District , Bangladesh. His name was kept as Mohammad Zahirullah . In 1947 after the Partition of Bengal , he, along with his parents, returned to his village from Calcutta .

Zahir Raihan obtained Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Bangla from Dhaka University . He first married Sumita Devi in 1960, who were a film actresses and then Shuchanda in 1968, who also was a film actress. He worked as an assistant in the film “Jago Huya Sabera” in 1957. This was his first foot print in film. During the Liberation War Raihan went to Kolkata where his film “Jibon Theke Neya” was shown. His film was highly criticised among Satyajit Ray, Mrinal Sen, Topon Singh and Hrittik Ghotok. After 25th March, 1971, he went to Kolkata and produced a documentary film “Stop Genocide” highlighting the massacre done by the Pakistani Army. This film created a sensation all over the world.

Surya Grahan, Shesh Bikeler Maya, Hajar Bachhar Dhare, Arek Falgun, Baraf Gala Nadi and Ar Kata Din are his well known literary work. He disappeared on December 30 , 1971 trying to locate his brother, Shahidullah Kaiser the famous writer, who was captured and killed by the Pakistan army and/or local collaborators during the last days of the war.

Stop Genocide by Zahir Raihan

Download below Books by Zahir Raihan from here

  • Hajar Bochor Dhore by Zahir Raihan
  • Ekushey February by Zahir Raihan


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